Toyota does not charge individuals seeking employment any fees, whether for registration, application, administration or placement.

Know the Way, Lead the Way

Toyota South Africa has a proud past. ‘Know the Way, Lead the Way’ was the theme of theToyota World Convention in Tokyo in 2003, and has become a guiding credo for Toyota world-wide.

• We must know where we are before we can chart the way ahead.

• We accept that every milestone on our journey is merely a marker for the next.

• Every goal we accomplish, every target we meet, is but a springboard, a platform, for even greater goals, even higher targets.

• Our past successes add up to a solid foundation on which to build our future, and although we must learn from the past, we must not dwell on it.

We are looking ahead and aiming for ambitious goals, and we will get there by ‘Knowing the Way’; by having concrete objectives – by setting goals that are attainable, although not easy.